The Faces of Rolling Hills


Every once in awhile, an individual or group stands out in a community.  This page is dedicated to those people.  Click on the links below to see more pictures of the outstanding in Rolling Hills!

Cameco - A Company Dedicated to Helping Communities


The Shelter Thanks to Cameco & Contractor Nate Bussey

The Town of Rolling Hills is very grateful that Cameco wanted to do a project for the town. Cameco always steps up to the plate to help out whenever possible. The covered table in the town park is a project citizens asked for and Cameco has granted this wish.  THANK YOU CAMECO!!

Santa hugging a little girl

Cookies with Santa

Ho! Ho! Ho! was had by all kids and Santa!  Cookies * Frosting * Sprinkles * Lots of Fun!!

Thank you Santa!  These kids are counting the days 'til Christmas!!

(check out the town's Facebook page for a complete photo album!)